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After you and your spouse get a divorce and establish a divorce order, it can be legally difficult to relocate because of visitation and custody rights. Whether you are the primary custodian or you have visitation rights as the non-custodial parent, you will need to meet with a Lakewood family law attorney. We can help you to work towards obtaining a court ordered modification or explore other legal options which will allow you to relocate. A parent who has primary custody is typically prevented from moving outside a certain vicinity, which can act as a restriction if you have an opportunity in another state or country.

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What Factors Will Affect My Case?

When a visitation and child custody case has been made, it is complex to try to move a child from one place to another. It can be especially difficult if you are the custodial parent (having the most parenting time), as you will need to prove that moving your child is in their best interest. There are many different factors which a judge may take into account in order to make a decision.

Some Factors That Influence Child Custody Decisions Include:

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