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If you are in need of a compassionate and skilled attorney to guide you through a family law matter, come to Kevin G. Byrd. As a Lakewood family lawyer, he has vast experience in handling even the most complex of family law cases. He runs his practice with the strong desire to assist people who are devastated emotionally over family relationships that are very important to them. Throughout your case, he can be your fierce advocate.

Cases Our Firm Handles

Kevin G. Byrd takes on a variety of cases at his full service law firm. While he frequently handles all kinds of divorce, including military divorce, he is also highly experienced at guiding clients through matters of child supportchild custody, and more. In addition to family law matters, our attorney can assist you with filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Unlike most lawyers, who charge steep hourly fees, our attorney operates on a fixed fee service. This ensures that you are getting a fair price and that you won’t receive high charges for all of the extra time and effort your attorney devotes to your case.

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The earlier you get started on your case, the better our attorney can help you. Our attorney offers free consultations to give you thorough advice on how to proceed with your case. Start by sharing the details of your situation and we can help you get to the smooth resolution that you need.

Do not hire an attorney that charges by the hour. Kevin G. Byrd charges a flat fee so you will know exactly what legal services you are getting. Don’t get ‘nickel & dimed’ by an hourly attorney. Get what you deserve.

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