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Have recent difficulties in strains between you and your spouse led to a desire for illegal remedy that is short of divorce? If so, you may have considered separation as a temporary means to work out the present difficulties in your marriage. A skilled legal separation attorney can assist you with these issues.

Experienced Separation Attorney

At the law office of Kevin G. Byrd, we have considerable experience in various aspects of family law and can help you work through various complex matters involved with the legal separation process. We can help you understand your options as well as issues related to separation and the well-being of your children and how a financial plan or arrangement may be necessary to meet your obligations.

Determining if Separation is the Better Option

Couples sometimes choose legal separation when they are not sure they want a divorce, but nevertheless need a remedy for the current situation. Separation is a legal means to place the marriage in a position short of divorce while the next steps in the marriage are determined. Certain legal and financial advantages are available with legal separation is supposed to divorce.

A couple may choose separation for various reasons, including:

  • The couple requires time apart to think about the future of the marriage
  • The couple does not intend to divorce, but needs time apart in an effort to resolve some problems in the marriage
  • The couple wants to retain tax benefits only available to married couples
  • One spouse wants to retain health benefits through the other spouse
  • One spouse wants to retain the other spouse’s military or government benefits

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Legal separation attorney Kevin G. Byrd understands the difficult personal circumstances involving separation. If you need legal representation and guidance regarding matters regarding a potential separation between you and your spouse, we can help. To schedule a free, initial consultation, call us today at 253.565.8888 or send us a message through our contact form. We serve Lakewood WA, Fife WATacoma WAPuyallup WA, and Sumner WA, and the surrounding areas.

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