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If you are thinking about getting a divorce or have already begun proceedings, you will need a competent Lakewood family lawyer to represent you. At the office of Kevin G. Byrd, we are highly experienced in the field of family law and can guide you effectively. Contact us today to get more answers.

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To qualify for divorce in Washington state, you or your spouse must be a resident of the state or a member of the armed forces stationed in Washington.

This will depend on the complexity of your divorce and whether you are disputing issues with your spouse. The more you dispute issues such as custody, spousal support or property division, the longer your divorce may take.

The minimum waiting period for a Washington divorce is 90 days from the date your papers are filed and served.

Alimony or spousal maintenance is awarded based on the unique factors of your marriage, such as income differences, earning ability of each spouse, and the duration of the marriage. Usually, longer marriages are more likely to be awarded spousal maintenance than a short marriage. Judges will evaluate each case’s specific circumstances.

No. Child support and visitation are two separate issues. If you deny the other parent their visitation rights, you could be penalized for violating your visitation order. If the other parent is not paying child support, you can talk to an attorney about how to seek enforcement of your child support order. Under no circumstances should you block visitation, except in very extreme cases where you believe the child’s well-being is at risk.

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Yes, there are often additional factors involved in a divorce where one or more members of the military are divorcing. This may include complex matters of relocation or jurisdiction.

Child support is calculated on a case by case basis and the court may take a number of different factors into account. It is generally based on a percentage of your income.

Absolutely, having a Lakewood divorce attorney on your side is important for any divorce, separation, or matter or family law. This is especially true if you and your spouse share children or have significant assets.

If you or your spouse want to move away, you will need to consult with an attorney who can assist you to navigate a relocation agreement, and address custody issues and other matters.

If something major has changed in your life and you are no longer able to abide by the terms listed in your divorce order, you will need to hire a lawyer to assist you with the legal matter of obtaining a modification.