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Unfortunately, many couples find that as time passes, their marriage isn’t as strong as it once was. If you suspect that your relationship has broken down to the point that divorce is a strong possibility, it’s important to get appropriate legal representation as soon as possible. Not only does the right counsel at the start of proceedings help the whole process to conclude more swiftly, it can also maximize the chances of ending up with an outcome you’re happy with.

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Not all divorces are straight-forward! Our military divorce attorney has particular experience in dealing with proceedings where one or both partners are in the military, as well as working on cases where the division of property or child custody issues is proving to be contentious. We will always work towards swift, fair resolution, endeavoring to move proceedings forward towards a favorable outcome.

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Money problems are more common than you may think. If you feel as if you’re sinking further into debt, or are having difficulty meeting your obligations to your creditors, bankruptcy could be the best way forward for you. Our chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is able to tell you more about your options, giving you the information you need for informed decision-making.

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Conveniently located for people who live and/or work in Puyallup, we offer an honest, seasoned legal service that’s characterized by courtesy, respect and fair, competitive pricing. We keep our charges transparent and will make sure you are aware of our fees from the outset. To find out more about our services or to book an initial consultation to discuss your situation in more detail, call us at (253) 565-8888.

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