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Kevin G. Byrd’s full-service legal practice handles a wide range of situations. In addition to regularly handling all types of divorces, including military divorces, he has extensive expertise in assisting clients with issues pertaining to child support, child custody, and other related problems. In Lakewood, our lawyer can help you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in addition to family law problems. Most lawyers charge exorbitant hourly charges; however, our attorney uses a fixed fee service. This guarantees that you are receiving a reasonable fee and that you won’t be overcharged for the additional time and energy your lawyer spends on your case.

Are you having Bankruptcy issues in Lakewood, WA?

If you need committed guidance with bankruptcy in Lakewood, call our office. Our bankruptcy law office is aware of the emotional and financial toll that these circumstances may have. Kevin G. Byrd is dedicated to assisting clients in overcoming these legal obstacles and adds knowledge and empathy to each and every case. We place a high value on individualized plans made to fit your particular situation and lead you to a new beginning financially. Reach out to us right now for a helpful and knowledgeable approach to handling your bankruptcy concerns in Lakewood, Washington. Let us be your champions during this trying time.

Legal Services in Lakewood, WA & Divorce attorney Expertise

At Kevin G. Byrd, we understand that our clients need our help not only in divorce cases but also in other areas of disputes. We ensure that we cover up that broader spectrum so that we will not miss out on anything and are able to provide that commitment and faith to our clients so that every time we will be your helping hands in regards to providing legal aid.

Our divorce lawyers in Lakewood, WA, have years of expertise in this field and other divorce-related circumstances. You can book your appointment with us and ask all your procedure queries.

Our Expertise in Lakewood Law

1.Bankruptcy Attorney 

Managing monetary obstacles? Our Bankruptcy Attorneys in Lakewood are experts in assisting people and companies in Lakewood, WA, with debt-related problems by offering knowledgeable advice on the intricacies of bankruptcy law.

2.Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Lakewood

Thinking about Chapter 7? Our Lakewood Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Lakewood, WA, provide clients with debt relief and a fresh start by providing professional knowledge in the liquidation process.

3.Divorce Attorney

Our knowledgeable divorce attorneys in Lakewood provide a plethora of expertise and a sympathetic demeanor to divorce cases, guaranteeing the defense of your rights and interests during the court proceedings.

4.Military Divorce Attorney

In the midst of a military divorce? Our military divorce attorneys in Lakewood, Washington, are knowledgeable about the particular difficulties involved and offer specialist assistance to service personnel and their families.

5.Child Custody

During family court procedures, our Child Custody Attorneys strategically advocate on your child’s behalf to get favorable custody arrangements.

6.Child Support

It’s important to make sure your child has a stable financial future. Our Lakewood child support attorneys fight for just and appropriate child support agreements that are customized for your particular circumstances.


Our Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Lakewood specialize in encouraging cooperative solutions, encouraging open communication, and enabling a smoother transition for all parties involved in order to create a more peaceful divorce process.


Our specialty is providing thorough counsel in family law matters. Our Lakewood family law attorneys offer advice on a range of matters, including property distribution, spousal support, and divorce and child custody.


Our Lakewood legal separation attorneys provide expert guidance and assistance in navigating separate maintenance agreements and other legal issues.


Just as people’s lives change, so do contracts. Our Lakewood modifications attorneys guide you through the process of changing child custody, child support, or other family law decrees.


In a divorce, fair allocation of assets is crucial. Throughout Lakewood divorce procedures, our property division attorneys tirelessly seek to secure the equitable and reasonable allocation of assets and obligations.


Are you having trouble moving? Our Lakewood relocation case attorneys handle the legal implications of moving with children after a divorce, offering knowledgeable assistance.

Why Choose Kevin G. Byrd In Lakewood, WA?

Expertise: Many years of legal experience guarantee superior representation in Lakewood, Washington.

Personalized Approach: Strategies created specifically with your requirements and situation in mind.

Humble Listener: Listening intently and sympathetically to comprehend your situation in a humble manner.

Dedicated to defending your rights in Lakewood, our fierce advocates are here to help.

Open and transparent communication that makes sure you are informed at every turn.

Compassionate assistance: In Lakewood, compassionate counsel offers emotional assistance during court issues.

Are You Prepared to Guard Your Future and Rights? Set Up Your No-Cost Consultation Right Now!

Take immediate action to begin resolving your legal issues. Make an appointment for a free consultation with our experienced divorce attorney in Lakewood, WA, by contacting us right now. At Kevin G. Byrd, our staff is prepared to support you, defend your rights, and offer knowledgeable advice as you navigate the complexity of the legal system. Experts with expertise should be looking out for your future. Take action right away and schedule your free appointment to get the legal assistance you require. Enlist the assistance of Kevin G. Byrd as a reliable friend to help you overcome legal obstacles.

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