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There are challenging times that can occur in life, and having an experienced attorney to guide you through life’s difficulties is an important part of ensuring you have the information needed to make choices in your best interest. In Fife, WA, people know to turn to Kevin G. Byrd, Attorney & Counselor At Law.

Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be a very difficult time for individuals and for children. At the law offices of Kevin G. Byrd, Attorney & Counselor At Law, individuals can find the expert, experienced legal advice from a seasoned divorce attorney they need to make important decisions with regards to division of property, child custody, and child support payments and assistance in developing co-parenting plans that work for the parents and the children.

In addition, Kevin G. Byrd has extensive experience in representing clients as a military divorce attorney, understanding the requirements of the military and how that impacts the divorce process.

Bankruptcy in Fife, WA

Bankruptcy can occur to anyone. It is often a result of the loss of a job, medical emergencies or ongoing health issues, the loss of a loved one, divorce, or other unexpected events in life.

As a recognized bankruptcy lawyer, Kevin G. Byrd works closely with his clients to provide the information needed to understand the process. With the services of an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, you can ensure this is the best choice to resolve your debt while potentially saving your home from foreclosure, ending creditor calls and settling most of your debt.

To learn more about the legal services of Kevin G. Byrd, Attorney & Counselor At Law, contact us today.

Kevin G Byrd Your Trusted Attorneys in Fife, WA – Protecting Your Rights!

Kevin G. Byrd, a family lawyer in Lakewood, specializes in divorce-related family law cases at our office. He can put up a valiant battle on behalf of his clients going through divorce since he is a professional and sympathetic advocate. Kevin G. Byrd can also help with a variety of issues impacting your family since divorce is rarely an easy process.

Furthermore, in the event that you feel an unfavorable decision was made about a family law issue you were engaged in, our attorney may assist you with the modification procedure. One of the top divorce attorneys in Fife in the field is Kevin G. Byrd, and you can trust him to help you with anything.

Are you struggling with Divorce issues in Fife, WA?

Divorce complexity may be emotionally taxing and legally intimidating to navigate. To get help with divorce-related matters in Fife, Washington, contact the committed staff at Kevin G. Byrd, Your Trusted Attorney.

We realize that things happen in life. Therefore, we aim to provide our clients with straightforward, practical answers. As your divorce lawyer, we can successfully guide you through the legal system’s intricacies with confidence and comfort. 

We don’t bill by the hour here. Do you intend to file for divorce? If so, we highly advise you to continue using our Lakewood divorce firm’s services. You may feel secure in your decision to work with Kevin G. Byrd, Attorney, and Counselor at Law, when you decide to enlist his support aid. The law office is pleased to provide free case consultations and fixed-fee legal services in Fife, WA. 

Avoid Letting Legal Issues Rule Your Life

Legal matters can have a big influence on your life, and handling them without competent counsel might have dire repercussions. We at Kevin G. Byrd, Your Trusted Attorneys in Fife, Washington, recognize how crucial expert legal counsel is to defending your future and rights.

You can end up with a bad outcome in court if you don’t have the experience of seasoned lawyers. Legal nuances can be intricate and subtle, and if you don’t have professional counsel, you run the risk of unintentionally jeopardizing your case.

Our Attorney Services In Fife, WA

  • Bankruptcy Attorney 

Having trouble making ends meet? Our knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyers in Fife, Washington, are available to help you navigate the complexity of bankruptcy law and assist you in making decisions that will lead to a new beginning financially.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Is Chapter 7 bankruptcy a possibility? Our committed Fife, WA Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Fife offer knowledgeable assistance to guide you through the liquidation process and obtain debt relief.

  • Divorce Attorney

Experience counts in divorce proceedings. Our compassionate and knowledgeable divorce attorneys in Fife, WA, will ensure your rights are upheld as you face the difficulties of divorce.

  •  Military Divorce Attorney

A military divorce demands a certain understanding to navigate. Our military divorce attorneys in Fife, WA, are committed to defending the rights of service personnel and their families and are aware of the particular difficulties involved.


Our top goal is to safeguard your child’s best interests. During difficult family court procedures, our Fife, WA, child custody attorneys will strategically advocate on your behalf to assist you in obtaining a favorable custody agreement.


It is imperative that you secure your child’s financial future. Our Fife, WA, child support attorneys are dedicated to promoting just and reasonable child support agreements that put your kid’s welfare first.


Searching for a more cooperative divorce procedure? Our Fife, WA, collaborative divorce attorneys are skilled in encouraging cooperative solutions, encouraging candid communication, and facilitating a more seamless transition for both parties.


comprehensive family law counsel catered to your particular needs. Our family law attorneys in Fife, WA, offer advice on a variety of matters, including property distribution, spousal support, and divorce and child custody.


Considering a formal split? In order to assist you in navigating the complexity of separate maintenance agreements and related legal concerns, our legal separation attorneys in Fife, WA, provide strategic guidance and legal support.


Both life conditions and legal agreements are subject to change. Our Fife, WA Modifications Attorneys guide you through the process of changing court orders pertaining to child custody, child support, or other family law issues.


In divorce, equitable sharing is crucial. Our property division attorneys in Fife, Washington, put up a lot of effort to guarantee a reasonable and equitable division of debts and assets, safeguarding your financial interests throughout the divorce process.


Have a conflict about relocation? The legal intricacies of relocating with children after a divorce are handled by our knowledgeable relocation case attorneys in Fife, WA

Why Choose Kevin G. Byrd In Fife WA?

Expertise: Take advantage of the vast legal expertise and experience of our seasoned staff, which guarantees professional help through any legal difficulty.

Customized Approach: Take advantage of a strategy that is specifically designed to meet your demands and reflects our dedication to providing efficient and individualized representation.

Humble Listener: We pay close attention to the details of your case, building confidence and making sure that your worries are acknowledged.

Firm Advocacy: Throughout the legal process, our dedicated group of lawyers acts as steadfast advocates, tenaciously protecting your rights and interests.

Transparent Communication: At every level, have open and transparent communication. Transparent information on your case is important to us because we want you to feel empowered and informed.

Kind Assistance: Dealing with legal matters may be emotionally taxing. You may rely on the guidance of our divorce attorney in Fife and understanding to get you through.

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